Older Chests...

This week I've been challenging myself to share more. Weird, because some would say I share a lot. Well, I'm selective. Pretty landscapes/sunsets and pics of booze get the most 'likes'. I share when I feel like it won't make me look bad. I try my hardest daily to stay away from posting political posts or Louis CK videos because I'm afraid not everyone will share my sense of humour or point of view. Key words in that sentence, I'm afraid.

In that fear, I isolate. It's not a unique quality. We all do it to some degree. We're all trying to present ourselves in a way that we'll be likeable and accepted. But, what I'm learning, is that's a bankrupt way of living. The payoff isn't good enough. When I live only in my head I get lonely. I get angry. I get frustrated. I feel depressed. I check OUT!

So, I'm not saying I'm going to be a colossal overbearing/obnoxious prick in spite. It just occurred to me that I present myself as a musician and rarely share music. I'm good at telling you when I have a show and that you should come (Tuesday March 22nd @ The Ironwood 8pm;) But I rarely pick up my phone and record myself playing actual music.

I watch some of my peers who are really good at this on social media. I actually love taking a few minutes from my day to listen and it contributes to my day. Positively. So, this morning, I was feeling a little less than adequate and picked up my guitar. I figured starting my day with some music might give me a little boost to do all the things I'm supposed to do today that I don't want to do. Like taxes. Meetings. Training. Adulting.

I made this comment to Shawna the other day, we don't listen to music like we used to. We don't put tunes on when we're getting ready in the morning and too often we're sucked into the TV shows we've PVRd instead of throwing some vinyl on and listening/dancing. The lack of spiritual stimulus in our lives right now is lame. I need to create a new way of being around that.

I played about 4 or 5 songs in the living room while Shawna got ready for work this morning. When she walked out the door I had about one hour before I had to get moving. So, I grabbed my phone and set it up against a small box on my living room table.

I've been playing one of my favourite old Damien Rice songs lately with a little more skip/rhythm rather than the slow finger picked original. I guess I picked that song to record because I woke up only an hour before this and it was relatively easy to sing without warming up my voice. It's a warm blanket song, for me.

So, here's a vid of my playing my guitar and singing a song I didn't write. But I love this song. And I hope you love it, too. And, more importantly, I hope it inspires you to share yourself today. However you choose.

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