Brent Tyler has an intricate and skillful guitar style combined with a disarming and soulful voice befit of his literal seven-foot stature. He balances the soft subtlety of honest and introspective folk music with catchy and powerful soul-roots hooks and melodies born of his childhood influences and contemporary crushes.


A Calgary, Alberta native, Tyler grew up between two contrasting worlds of sport and music. His physical size made him an obvious choice for the University of Calgary basketball team, but his genuine heart beckoned him down a path of music performance. Self-taught from the age of 9 years old, Tyler's percussive guitar style was influenced heavily by the likes of James Taylor, Martin Sexton, and Dave Matthews. With a voice that bellows the foundation, yet dynamically delicate and sincere, Tyler's blend of guitar and voice sounds like a whole band. 

Tyler's giant delivery has evolved from imitative influence into his very own versatile, powerful, and dynamic style, drawing people in with his physical stage presence, story-telling ability, and surprisingly elastic vocal range. Looking to connect the dots with reciprocal energy in his performance, Tyler's music is lyrically textured with real life. Honesty and love, hope and healing, authenticity and forgiveness. 

After releasing Better Way in 2002, In Rhythm in 2010, & EP This Breath in 2014, Tyler is currently in-studio working on his 3rd full length album scheduled for release in 2015. Produced by Aaron Young, with studio performances by some of Alberta’s finest musicians (Jory Kinjo/Rob Vulic/Garth Kennedy), the new album will deliver more mature songwriting and textured production.

Ambitiously, Tyler will also be releasing a live album in 2014 from a performance with his full band at the Ironwood Stage in Calgary from December 2013. Recording by Josh Gwilliam of Pilot Audio, this album will be the first in a series of live recordings scheduled for release annually. Tyler continues to feverishly add highway kilometres and industry experience to his already accomplished resume, seeking to push comfort zones and create context for his music across Canada. 

Performance highlights include opening slots for Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, The Watchmen, Julian Austin, Charlie Major, & Joel Plaskett. Recently, Brent has been fortunate to share stages with other accomplished artists such as Lorne Elliot, Wil, CR Avery, Ari Neufeld, Scotty Hills, Jory Kinjo, & The Polyjesters.

Brent Tyler. Big man. Big sound. Big love.


"Brent Tyler performed for the first time on our stage.  He was so excited to join us that he brought friends with him to perform.  As he warmed up to the audience and got comfortable in his own space he realized that everyone had come to listen to him, a gift to any artist.  He could have easily carried the whole night by himself.  A large man with a very full, strong voice.  Lovely lyrics and stories.  No doubt he is on a musical path wanting to join people in life.  Good music talks to us all and Brent does just that."
- The Dream Cafe Penticton


"Brent Tyler, In Rhythm...Folk rock with feeling, this album builds on Tyler's soulful voice and acoustic instrumentation."
- Avenue Magazine 

"Brent Tyler is a big man who writes some awfully pretty music."
- Jacob Morgan, The Source Lloydminster


"Calgary's Brent Tyler may dwarf his six-string, but the music he makes with it is even grander than his stature."

Carstairs Courier


"Brent Tyler...a Tall man with a Grande talent and a Venti heart!"

- Jonathan Love, California 103FM Radio 

"With a few humble opening lines, the environment changed. In a casual space of around thirty seats, the air became warmer as Tyler’s gorgeous, melodious vocals washed through the space and the band’s instruments melted together into one whole, living sound. Where was I when this music played? Perhaps I was on a sunny beach or driving deep into green farmland; I was somewhere good. This continued on throughout the hours until 11:00pm hit, with everything bleeding together in a mix of honest stories, humour, band antics and, whether it was in dancing for those who did, in Brent’s lyrics or recollections, or in the testimony Matt gave at the show’s close, love. Through the soft originals and fast, either of which set to exclaim Tyler’s ability as a guitarist, to a final, pitch-perfect encore of Van Morrison’s “Into the Mystic,” what existed in that tight warm space on 30th Avenue was love– for life, for the art, for possibly everything. Big love."

- Graeme Higginson,

"Brent Tyler's opening set at the Nick was very well received by our audience. With great original songs and a powerful singing voice, Brent easily won a bunch of new fans, gaining extended applause and a return to the stage for an encore."

- Vic Bell, Nickelodeon Music Club

"Let me take a minute to introduce the newest addition to our great city of Kelowna, Brent Tyler. This guy actually really blew me away...He spent a year of his life (& piles of dough) recording a super high quality album entitled "In Rhythm" with some legit industry people, moved to Kelowna a couple of weeks ago, and has begun to venture into the world of "making it work" in the singer-songwriter world hopefully playing to more sober people. Understanding that this road ahead of him is crawling with obstacles, competition, and an overwhelming amount of noise, he's following his heart and doing what he loves. Not only were his songs insanely strong but he had the vocal & guitar chops of a wild animal - like imagine a rabid badger who could sing like Ray LaMontagne and play guitar like Martin Sexton - it'd be close to that. Welcome to Kelowna Mr. Tyler."

- Nico Boesten, Tribe House,

Imagine Dave Matthews & Jim Croce were sipping whiskey at Martin Sexton’s house while they listened to The Beatles ‘White Album’ on vinyl. Big man. Big sound. Big Love.